Get Started With Blender

Want to start using blender today? Blender is a open-source 3d graphics software that's can do amazings things and is completely free. Find out more about it here.

Download Blender

The first step to use blender is to download it, of course. Just head to Just click the download button.

Getting Started

Now that you have downloaded blender, lets get started.
When you open Blender, you would see a welcome screen, and the picture depends on what version you're using. Select "General" from the new file section or just click anywhere outside of the welcome screen to start a new file.

Mouse Navigation

When you open a new file, all you should see is a cube in the middle. Press down the middle mouse button (the scroll wheel) and drag. You can now revolve about the cube. You can scroll to zoom in and out, and if you hold the shift key and middle mouse drag, you pan around instead of rotating.

Trackpad Navigation

While using a mouse is useful, the recent versions of blender also makes it easy for you to use the trackpad.
At the top right corner of the screen, there are these gizmos.

You can pan around and zoom by just clicking and dragging the circles.

working with objects

Here is the default cube.
Let's delete it.

Left click on the cube to select it. Now press the X key. It nows shows a menu that has one option: delete. Click it.

Congratulations, you have now deleted the cube.
Lets add it back in.
all you need to do is press shift A, on the menu that appears move mouse to "Mesh", and then click "Cube"

Now the cube is back.

Moving and editing

Left click to select the object, and press the G key. now if you mouse you cursor, the object moves with you. Left click to confirm the movement, or right click to revert. While moving the mouse, if you click the X, Y, and Z keys, it will snap the cube on on axis.

Editing the cube.

To change the shape of the cube, press tab to enter edit mode.

What you are seeing right now is the mesh. and the points are called vertices. almost all objects in blender are made with meshes. You can move the vertices the same way you moved the cube. Just left click to select one of the vertices and press G to drag. After you have finished editing, press tab to exit edit mode.

Now, you have deformed the cube.
There are so much more that you can do with editing, but I can't put it all on this website. I recommend watching a Tutorial. A famous one if the Blender Guru's Donut tutorial. Watch it here.