About me

My name is Tony Zhang, aka 张将翰, I do computer science and some graphics design as a hobby. I am currently in my 2nd year of High School.

The Website

This website has changed over the couple of years in which I had this website, based on whatever design styles I find interesting. This time I decided to make the website slightly more colorful, and also slightly brutalist.

This website is written with Next.js, styled using Sass, and hosted using Vercel. The main advantages are having reusable components, static generation, and dynamic routing. Blogs are written with MDX.

The font is Jost*, a web version of Futura.

The body text is set to be 17px, with a 1.5em line height. Everything else is set based on a multiple of that. The main title changes based on the screen size, moving between 2.5em and 7.5em.