Cartgrapher is a cool website and app for learning vocabulary


I am learning programming, and I particularly enjoy making websites, and making them look good. However, all of my previous websites were just front-end, meaning they couldn't really store data, and there are no features like signing in etc.

I wanted to learn more about the backend, and also wanted to create something useful. The obvious project that I could do was make a to-do list app, where there are multiple lists, and to-do items in those lists. but I found that it was to "default" and boring, and I have a system of managing to-do's already, so of course, I decided to make something that will be truely useful yet not too hard, so I made cartographer.

What I used to store the data and all the other stuff is something called Firebase. It's really a fantastic tool for making something like this quickly, I know that this perhaps isn't the best way of learning about storing data and everything, but without it, this website would have been nowhere as good, and probably have tons of security issues.


a screenshot of the website: cartographer

The website is the first thing that I made, You can go there at


You can add lists by clicking the "+" button next to my lists, then you enter a name and click ok. Here you can add new words by typing in the two text fields on the bottom, and the pressing the enter key.

the text fields used for created cards

you can now see a card as popped up on the bottom, and a flashcard on the top.

the card view

One of the great features about this website is the fact that the cards are in a grid, allowing you to see much more of them at a glance.

the card grid view

you can also drag to reorder these cards.

a card being dragged

Now let's go to the quiz mode, it's quite simple, with 4 randomly generated options, you can click on the options with your mouse, or use the number keys 1-4. Here you can practice for as long as you want.

the card quiz view

Here is the settings for lists. At the top, you can edit the name, or delete the list. In the drop down labeled folder, you can select which folder to put your lists in, we'll talk about this more In a bit. Then there are the sharing preferences. The checkbox for public decides whether everyone with the link can view. You can then add viewers or editors to this list by entering their email. At the bottom you can also import your lists from quizlet.

the card settings view


You can add them the same way as the lists, by clicking on the "+" button on the side bar. All folders start out being empty, of course, but you can add a list by clicking the add list button in the folder view, or moving a list to that folder from the list settings.

the folder view

The folder settings are almost the same as the lists, sans move to folder, and import from quizlet.

the folder settings view


You can star lists and folders by clicking the star on the top, and you can see all of the lists & folders in the favorites tab on the sidebar.

the star button the favorites view


Finally, the user profile, It's extremely simple, because I don't collect any data, send any emails, or anything so all of those settings don't exist. You can change your name, sign out, and use the different color schemes and themes.

user profile settings another color scheme